All anglers know that when it comes to fly fishing, your bait and lures are very important tools to have. They are what attract the salmon, brook trout and other fish to your fishing line. In the fly fishing world, especially in Maine, there are all types of lures and bait to have with all variations of colors and hooks. We have assembled the best and most popular lures we have seen come and go through Lakewood Camps that are used by our guests. Below are our top 10 lures to have in your tackle box to have a successful fishing season!

Rapala Original Floating Minnow

There are lures that stand the test of time and the rapala original floating minnow has been one of those lures. They have been used from generation to generation and come in a variety of colors and sizes. The most popular colors being silver, gold and rainbow with popular sizes such as F03, F05, F07 and F09. This tried and true contender has been helping fisherman, and guest of Lakewood Camps, catch brook trout in the Rapid River over the years.

Blue Fox Vibrax

These lures are good lures for trout and brook trout alike because of the attraction of their vibrant UV colors. These lures are great to use for deeper water locations as the colors will reflect the sunlight to further attract the trout to the bait. In addition, these lures are used when need to keep the lure down in the water column.

Joe’s Flies Short Striker

Joe’s flies short striker lures are a great product to catch fish, and catch them quickly. These lures have such a high success rate because of the way they appear to trout. In addition to the golden blade and multiple hooks, they have tails that draw trout to the lure. These tails are an assortment feathers, fur, threads and other fly tying material, that help assist anglers in their quest of catching brook trout in Rangeley, Maine. These tails, or flies, are perfect for mimicking insects landing on top of the water for fish to eat. The trout think the flies are insect and just like that you caught yourself a fish!

Panther Martin

These types of lures rely their success on the basic model of “less is more” and have been helping fisherman catch their fish over the years. Many of our guest opt to use these lures as they are easy to carry, assemble to your rod and use. You can find different versions of the lure using a #2 or #4 blade depending on the water you are fishing in. Their make up consists of a hook, weight and a spinning blade/spoon and with this simple makeup, anglers have been catching brook trout for many years.

Acme Phoebe

These types of lures are different from the previous lures as they do not have the same make up. These are one of the easiest forms of lures with only having one piece to it. Acme Phoebe lures are literally just a fishing spoon/spinning blade that you can attach hooks to. These fish shaped spoons come in all different colors to help attract the trout and when in use, tend to spin rapidly that drive fish crazy.  If you are fishing on the well known Rapid River in Maine, then this lure is the lure for you. Find an area where rocks break up the current, stand down stream of it and cast away in front of the rock. Retrieve it and you’ll have trout rushing to your line in no time!

Worden’s Rooster Tail

Rooster tail fishing lures have become a normality in the fishing world as their unique fly above the hook attracts both anglers and fish a like. As the name entails, the flies of these lures have a rooster tail look to them which you wouldn’t think would help. However they are perfect for mimicking dragon flies when used, along with their spoons are a great attraction for fish.

Acme Kastmaster

Just like their sister product, Acme Phoebe, the Kastmaster is a simplistic lure/spoon by having a spoon as the body, hook, and mini spoon at the top. The double spoon action is a great way to mesmerize fish as your line travels through the water. The difference between the two spoon lures is that the Kastmaster is not as heavy which makes it cover a lot of water. If you are a frequent open water fisher, then these lures are a great option. The most popular options for these lures are the silver/blue options in 1/12 oz, 1/8 oz, and 1/4 oz sizes.

Mepps Aglia Spinnerbait

These lures have been a popular option for fly fisherman over the years as they have helped them catch trout. What makes these such a staple in the fly fishing world is the unique build of these lures. They have a spring like weight that is seen on all types of lures made by Mepps. In addition, their three prong red hook have also been apart of their unique look. If you want a functional but stylish lure, then Mepps is the lure for you.

Acme Little Cleo

As you can tell, Acme makes quality spoon lures in all different types of styles and colors. Another staple lure in their college is the Little Cleo. The difference between the Cleo and Phoebe is that Phoebe is fish shaped while the Cleo lures are oval/spoon shaped. Cleo’s have hammered versions that get some serious flash that get trout’s attention that are great to use for both deep pools or flying them across river ripples.

Rebel Tracdown

This lure is great to use if you are looking for monster trouts and big brown trouts. The make up is similar to the Rapala but the difference is that the Rebel Tracdown is weighted. Being weighted causes the nose to dive on the pause which gives the action of a dying bait fish. This diving action drives trout wild and will give you a great return of trout to catch. Pick a spot up stream and cast this along the banks to lure in your prize possession.

If you would like more information on fly fishing or fly fishing along the Rapid River in Maine contact Lakewood Camps today!