family togetherThe season is upon us. Opening date is May 15 2015. The camps wintered the season well, ice went out on Lower Richardson officially on May 8 of this year. The conditions here are dry, and a few weeks behind the usual seasonal timing, although the rain we got last week help green the lawn, and encourage the deer, swallows and Brook trout. Our boats are in and waiting for your calls from Andover. This will be our 14 season at Lakewood, and each year seems more exciting than the last, as the time really flies by. We got to visit with a few of our regular guests over the winter at the fly fishing shows in and around the Northeast.

As we were opening this year, a terrific couple, with a long time friend (Taking the picture) wondered through our neck of the woods, and fished, enjoyed meals, and help open the camps for a few days with Maureen and I. It was terrific to meet such awesome folks enjoying the Northeast, and exploring nature. We wish them all the best in their travels. The river looks poised to bear her fruit for terrific fishing once again. We are very lucky to be in such a beautiful place.

Whit and Maureen Carter