The brook trout are one of the prized catches that are native to North America. They need cold and clean water as they have fragile living conditions. This is why most are found in Eastern North America, as well as being confined to the higher elevation regions of the Appalachian Mountains. Brook trout are found in mostly lakes and some rivers. The brook trout also has a specific diet that also helps dictate why they are found in the eastern part of the country. The colors a brook trout have are dark green to brown with distinctive marbled patterns. A rare pattern some brook trout have is a blue halo marble pattern. Over the years the population has been reduced greatly in the southern regions, which is another reason why they are mostly found up north. Many organizations have gone great lengths to preserve the brook trout’s habitat to make sure they stick around for us fishers!

Brook Trout

Brook trout is a big deal in the angler and fly fishing world as it is one of the most prized fish to catch. With its natural roots to the country and fragile living conditions, the chance to even catch this majestic creature is truly a privilege.

Our Contribution

Lakewood camps contributes to the restoration of brook trout population so we can continue participating in the sport we love. The most valuable brook trout are said to be in Maine, which is where our camp resides making it the perfect spot to catch some brook trout. Our campsite is located on a closed off area that is only accessible by boat. This makes it so that the habitat for the brook trout is not tampered with and to add to the experience we offer. We consider ourselves “Maine’s Natural Getaway” and being in our own closed off world adds to the beauty of our camp. Even though brook trout are considered more lake than river trout the Rapid River proves otherwise. Lakewood Camps is home to the Rapid River where all of our guests go for their fly fishing needs. The river holds two to four pound brook trout, which makes us even more attractive to fishing enthusiasts! We practice a catch and release tactic with our camp to make sure the brook trout are preserved. Just having access and the ability to be around the brook trout is an amazing opportunity that we pride ourselves on.