Maureen and I are glad to report a wonderful summer so far. Fishing on the Rapid has held up well, considering the low rain fall, and bright, warm sunny days that have filled our months since May. Buy far the brightest, sunniest summer in many years.Families have enjoyed the 74 degree water, and the Anglers consistently landing Salmon and occasional Brookies at Middle Dam. The work crew this year has been outstanding. Willing to provide terrific service, and excited to meet the new arrivals in the dinning room. Matt Hall, our cabin person this year, hails from Andover as a third generation Lakewood employee. His Grandmother work for Mrs. Parsons, and his father for Stan and Sue Milton. We are thrilled to have an excited, local fisherman delivering ice, and folk tails to the unsuspecting guests. Mrs. Parsons passed away this month in her home in Andover at age 98. Ted Orino, who has a camp on the lake, gave Maureen the obituary from the Rumford Times. We posted this in the lodge. We know many of our long term guests had years of fond memories with Larry and Ally Parsons.
We are busy gearing up for the Fall fishing. Evening temperatures have been cool, and the Northwesterly breezes flooding over Carry Ridge. The Brookies will be flashing their fall colors in the coming days. The wood boxes are full, and the ice machine is starting to re-coop from the busy warm summer. We extend our warmest greetings to all who enjoy this terrific location and world class fishery. We hope to see you here at camp.
Mark your calender’s for January 14, 15 and 16 2011 for the annual Fly Fishing Show in Marlborough Massachusetts. We will also be in Somerset New Jersey on January 21, 22 and 23 2011. Maureen and I like trading stories, and reconnecting with the fishing community at these terrific events. There is so much to see at these programs, from Fly Tying, product demonstrations, TU chapters, and lots of excited fisherman. We really hope to see you at one of these events over the winter.