The Rapid River

The Rapid River, famous at the turn of the century for 10-pound trout and salmon, continues to be one of the premier trophy rivers in the northeast United States. More than 10,000 acres in the vast, pristine watershed surrounding the River and the nearby Richardson Lakes are protected by federal and state agencies. The river is managed under strict fly-fishing only regulations, with catch-and-release only on trout, barbless hooks only, and a three fish limit on salmon. We believe in the rules of conservation, and support catch-and-release fishing. The river has a dam-controlled water flow, guaranteeing adequate cold aerated water and appropriate water levels for fishing most every day.

Richardson Lakes

The nineteen-mile long Richardson Lakes are the only bodies of water in the Rangeley Lakes Region to hold lake trout (called togue in Maine). Right at our doorstep, these two magnificent lakes are also renowned for world-class landlocked salmon and wild native brook trout. You can rent a boat from us, or bring your own. So choose your technique, select your flies or trolling spot carefully, and be prepared to catch fish.

Near by fishing areas other than the Rapid River

Megalaway River, Kenebago River, Rangeley Lake, Cupsuptic Lake, Mooselookmegunic Lake, Upper and Lower Richardson Lake, Upper Dam, Metalic Brook, Mill Brook, Sunday Pond, and B and C Pond to the South of Pond in the River. In New Hampshire, 8 miles down the Rapid River is Sunday Cove, Cedar Stump, and Lake Umbagog.