You know that secret trout pool you’ve always dreamed of finding? We built our camp right next to it. Lakewood Camps is the home of world-class trout and landlocked salmon fishing. Because of our distinct location, serious anglers have their pick of hundreds of productive spots on the legendary Rapid River, Richardson Lakes, and other fantastic fishing on the lakes, ponds and streams in the pristine Rangeley Lakes region. Nope, fishing doesn’t get better than this.

Catch and Equipment

Brook Trout, along with Landlocked Salmon and Lake Trout, offer anglers a variety of species and fishing techniques from fly-fishing to trolling. Guests may either rent a boat and motor here, or bring their own. We recommend both 5 and 6 weight rods with floating and sinking lines to make adjustment to the changing water flows. Long tapered leaders (9 – 12 ft.) will work best with 3x to 5x tippet. We suggest that you bring your own wading staff and a personal flotation device (PFD) for safely fishing the Rapid River. A flashlight to fish into the twilight will assist your safe exit from the pools.
If you wish, you can hire our seasoned fishing guide Bob Duport, or other local guides we can recommend.

Frequently used flies:

  • Dry Flies – Caddis, Wulfs, Stimulator, Hornberg
  • Streamers – Grey Ghost, Black Ghost, Green Ghost, Barnes Special
  • Nymphs – Strawman, Alder, May Fly, Pheasant Tail

Local fish species:

  • Brook trout
  • Lake trout
  • Landlocked salmon