What’s the height of a great vacation? We’d say about 600 ft. on average.

Lakewood Camps guests have access to beautiful trails for beginners to experienced hikers. Family hikes are close to the camp and along the lake,while the more intermediate hikes, for the more ambitious, are in the surrounding hills and mountains. Lakewood Camps is surrounded by many hills and mountain regions. These include the Carry Ridge, Metallak Mountain, Black Cat Mountain, Moose Mountain, South Mountain and Johnson Mountain. All locations offer hikes nearby the Lower Richardson Lake, providing breathtaking views of the lake from their peaks. After a long day of fishing it is nice to unwind and take in the natural beauty that surrounds our campground. Our guests have the opportunity to relax by the cabin in our Adirondack chairs, relax in the water or go for a hike. The trails that are available offer a magnificent journey through Maine’s backdoor letting our guests experience the natural beauty that our campground is so lucky to be nestled in.