Maureen and I have great news heading into the 2011 Fishing Season. Our nightly rates will remain the same as 2010 for the coming year, 2011. We are hoping for a great 2011 season. We are seeing more activity, e mails, phone calls, reservations and trade show attendance over the winter, giving us optimism and excitement, while shoveling and spreading salt on the walk way in Beverly. Infamous Dave was back eating French Fries and Thousand island dressing last weekend, taking Maureen, Mike, Joanne and I out for a terrific supper in Marlbourgh while we were in town for the Fly Fishing Show at the trade center. We are happy to see him up and around, and doing much better after surgery in December. Be aware of his return to the Rapid in May!!
Donna, our wonderful cook, is happy to return for another summer at Lakewood. This will be her fifth summer with us, providing great cuisine for the help and our guests. Maureen and I are very happy to have her commitment, unending work ethic, and willingness to please heading into the 2011 season. I know many of the guests look forward to her vittles, and spirit in the kitchen.
We will be traveling to a few TU chapters this winter. On February 5 2011 we will be participating in East Hartford’s Fly Fishing Associations annual meeting held that Saturday, with a supper and programs for attendees. On March 3rd we will be in Westport, CT. for their monthly meeting, providing a Power Point presentation on the camps and the Rapid River.We are traveling to Valley Forge, PA. that weekend for the first Fly Fishing Show held there on Saturday and Sunday March 5 and 6th 2011. We look forward to seeing anyone who attends, stop by the booth, chat, lie, and tell stories.┬áMaureen and I really enjoy seeing folks, potential guests, and long term returning guests always bring our energy up, and make the planned return to Lakewood that much more exciting.
Snow is building at the camps, so a trip to clear roofs will be likely within the next week or so. At that time a few pictures will be in order to let you see the beauty of 10 below, and wind at the camps.
Keep the spirit, and the excitement for the coming year in your hearts. Pictures will be on the way.
All our best,
Maureen, Clover (seven years), Welly (thirteen years), Whit (six years)