man in winterWe do have a few hardy folks daring elements a few days earlier. The Our Camp update is a bit behind this year, but not without excitement and anticipation for the coming season. Tom Morton and Whit headed to camp for a mid-winter inspection on March 6 2014. The morning temperature was 16 below zero, but sunny. Tom secured the use of two wonderful snow machines from his sister, and we were off across the lake from South Arm. As you may guess, the ice cream headaches from the bitter cold happened in spite of the handle bar warmers on the snow sleds. Merely traveling 25 miles per hour formed ice on my cheeks. Consequently we took our time, with Tom hanging on the seat, belly down, ducking behind the wind screen.

The following photos give you a picture of the beauty, and light across the snow. The dam was encased in ice, even as the flows were at 1500 CFS. Brookfield crews were active repairing the bridge on the lake side of the dam, replacing steel supports to allow normal crossing of the bridge this coming summer. Brookfield did some structural work at Middle Dam during the fall. According to the dam superintendent, all went according to plan, helping to re-enforce the peers and concrete logs. Lakewood is also excited about the extensive clean up done by the Brookfield crew on the Dam house site (Harry’s old house), and around the log cabin, nearer the dam. We think most guests will be happy with the attention and efforts done by Brookfield.

According to Oxford County managers, the snow pack during March actually increased, and the ice on the Lake increased as well. All of this is unusual, but not unprecedented. More than likely we will be blanketed by warm sun, and melting ice as we head into camp very soon. To have such a good snow pack is encouraging for river flows early this spring. We hope to have a relatively gradual run off, making for an uneventful early season.

As always, we appreciate all the patronage extended to our business. Seeing so many happy customers at the shows over the winter brings great joy to Maureen and me. We look forward to seeing all of you soon. Until then, mend well, tight lines, and mind the wading.


The Carters