snow on groundAs we start the 2013 season the weather is still the hot topic at Middle Dam. Last year temperatures were well above normal at this time of year. Today, highs in the 40’s and 3 feet of ice remain on Lower Richardson Lake. Water temperatures are still in the 30’s on the Rapid River, even as the snow slowly melts in the woods nearby. Maureen and I are excited for our 13th season. The consistent patronage of our terrific guests makes each season refreshing, and fulfilling. Tom Morton, will again join our team for the season, this time running the boat service from South Arm. Whit will be placed into service in the kitchen, looking to work hard to please the guest’s pallets, while adding a stabilizing element to the most important aspect of the camps. Assistance will be brought in for a few days a week from a chef working in Freeport, as well as a student with culinary expertise. We remain committed to the pleasure of our guests, as well as a hungry, happy staff.

The Thompson 21, the power boat that has provided hundreds of trips from South Arm to camp since 1992 was repaired, and re-powered by the skillful hands of Whit. A new engine, out drive and interior deck was placed in her over the winter. She is refitted with sound proofing throughout the engine compartments, and has a fresh set of seats under her cockpit. We hope for many years of service to come.

The Guides house, the only two story building on site, was demolished last fall by M&H construction. Stan and Sue Milton stopped by to give us their blessings, as that building had at least a century of hard use. We replaced it with a more fitting single story building that faces the lake, and is similar in scale and style to the other camps open to our guests. Our hope is to use this building for our grouse hunters heading into the fall each year, as well as provide a healthier living environment for future staff members. The project is still under construction, but is weather tight as of last fall. Eventually a porch will grace her front elevation. We are very happy to add fitting infrastructure to Lakewood Camps, while remaining within the boundaries of the state’s permitting process.

Bob Duport retrieved one more drift boat for the camps use on Pond in the River, second current and spawning beds. The stability and ruggedness of these vessels make them a terrific platform for challenging casting access during higher water flows in these areas. We know the guests will make good use of this boat going into the future.

We are also looking forward to introducing a weekend retreat for our guests this summer:

August 2-4, 2013 Friday – Sunday
A Journey to the Self and the Four Elements

Join us and learn new ways of being. Rediscover your true nature, and connect deeply with
Earth, Water, Fire, and Air. Move through morning yoga and feel the elements in your body, in
your chakras. Eyes-open guided meditations will re-connect you with the land and spirit.
Experience a Shamanic Journey… tap into the intuitive wisdom that we all possess.
Your journey to another state of mind begins before you even arrive. Climb aboard the camp
boat that shuttles you across the beauty of Lower Richardson Lake. The further you get from
shore, the more distant the hectic pace of everyday life becomes – and the more you look
forward to the adventures to come. Take in the stillness of the lake waters at dawn, the
breath-taking star fields at night, walk among the trees and witness wildlife during the day.

Facilitators and Contact Information:

  • Lisa Kane is a yoga teacher, shamanic practitioner
    and energy healer from Hamilton, MA.,,
  • Denise Koelsch, LICSW is a psychotherapist,
    meditation teacher and shamanic practitioner from
    Beverly, MA.,, 978-969-2513